Warranty Stickers and Security Labels

Today, most electronics products sold in warranty. But if customer try to repair malfunctioning electronic product there self or through unofficial technician, in this case the policy of most companies is that the product warranty will be considered as void.

Image Credit: Notebookcheck.net

But how companies know that customer tried to open product for repair? Simple, they put a very fragile but strong adhesive labels on screws and joints. So when customer try to open product for repairing (or any other purpose that considered as warranty policy violation.) this label get broken that clearly visible. And due to fragile label material, it can not transferred from one product to another. That way companies save them from fraudulent warranty claims.

Bharosa Solutions are offering Fragile Labels that called Warranty Stickers in local market and Egg Shell Labels in some places. Our warranty stickers are too fragile and have strong adhesive so they can not remove unbroken for re-use and re-past on other products.

Our services are unique in my ways. We are one and only printing service provider who is providing multi spot colors printing on warranty stickers. And as compare to traditional offset printing, we are doing digital laser printing that neither removed nor pale off, as compare to traditional printing. An other feature is that we can print unique serial number on each sticker.

Features of Our Warranty Stickers

  • Digital Multi Spot Color Printing
  • Permanent Print That Neither Removed Nor Pale-off
  • Unique Serial Numbering on Each Sticker
  • Stickers Easily Removed Back (Base) Sheet.
  • Fast Service, Deliver Only in One Day.

So don’t wait any more and order warranty stickers now if you are either company or just electronics resellers. And save your business from fraudulent warranty claims.