Frequently Asked Questions

What is ‘Lot Printing’?

Lot printing is the process of printing used to reduce the over all cost of printing job to make final products cheaper. When we talking about lot printing of Business Cards, we collect at least 50 cards & print them all together in single run of 1000 (mean 50,000 cards are printed at a time). In this way we save the cost of 49 plates x 4 colors = 196 offset-plates that are required to print each cards if we print 50 different Business Cards separately.

That a reason why business cards printed in lot, are cheaper as compare to manual process.

Why there is not ‘Exact Color Guarantee’ in lot printing?
When there is too many cards of totally different color combinations, color tunes & color types, its very hard to control colors. So we are not giving ‘exact color guarantee’ in lot printing. It does not mean lot printed jobs are very bad. In 99% cases, over all printed colors are too good & near to local market’s standards.

How to request for designing on whatsapp?

You just need to send us your details that you want to print & your business logo to our whatsapp number +92 32290223 & we will reply you within 4 business hours.

You can also start whatsapp chat from whatsapp icon in our website. Just click on it & tell us that you want.